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Individual Kindness Elf
Individual Kindness Elf - The Imagination Tree Store
Individual Kindness Elf - The Imagination Tree Store

Individual Kindness Elf

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There are so many wonderful Kindness Elves, each with a personality and a story behind them. Explore the different families from the bubbly Potion Mixers to the whimsical Wish Makers.

Every Kindness Elf has a special card that tells you all about them, including:

  • an introduction
  • their special talent
  • their hobby
  • their virtue

Note, if you add another Kindness Elves product to your cart, you will be given the option to add an additional Kindness Elf for 30% off :)

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

The kindness elves are adorable and the new upgrades make them more durable. My son insists on sleeping with them all advent and can’t wait for next Christmas!


We absolutely love these kindness elves. I have had them for four years and they are still in perfect shape.

My Preschoolers love them!

I purchased the kindness elves to use with the preschool children I work with. I have 6 elves- each with a different name and personally and I use them in the term before Christmas to encourage the children to think of Christmas as a time to give to others as much as it’s a time to receive. I pair the elves “daily challenge” with a story to encourage different types of kindness such as smiling to others or do drawings for the elderly as well as fun activities like magic seeds that grow into candy canes to share with their friends. I think that the kindness elves are the perfect antidote to the consumerist version of Christmas and teach the children to value what they can do for others as much as what they can receive. I love the kindness elves and so do the children and their families. I look forward to purchasing additional elves in the future.

Brilliant service

Brilliant service. My dog chewed an Elf! And I had to replace it before my granddaughter noticed. Elf arrived so quickly. Thank you. Apparently she had to report personally to Santa at the North Pole!


Dear Anna and Team,
I am a Nanny and I wanted the Kindness Elf to use with the children in my care. I had mentioned it to my husband and what a surprise to find the whole set under the Christmas Tree.
I absolutely love it! I am looking forward to using it for a long time to come with many children I have in my care and hopefully with my grandchildren at some point 😊.
I have been following your blog for years and I want to thank you for all you bring to the community. You have inspired me greatly over the years.
Thank you and a blessed holiday season.