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The Kindness Elves™ Blog

  • 12 Days of Christmas Kindness: Day 1

    Our 12 Days of Christmas Kindness are starting today (December 12th) and we are SO excited to begin!

    For those of you who are joining us, we thought we would send you our own simple ideas one day at a time, the night before each day, so that you can see what we are planning. Equally, please do reply and let us know your own plans too! We can really inspire each other with our acts of kindness.

  • The Kindness Elves™ & Rainbow Rock Project (October 21-23)

    As part of The Kindness Elves™ mission to Spread Kindness, this weekend we are doing a little collaboration with 7 year old Alia's WONDERFUL @rainbowrockproject!
  • Donating Kindness Elves™ to support the NICU!

    October 15th is International Baby and Infant Loss Remembrance Day :(

    The Kindness Elves' latest mission is to help spread kindness at the NICU unit in Sydney. They have no budget to decorate, so lets fill the Unit with Kindness Elves™ to watch over the babies, to keep them safe, watch them grow and reach their important milestones!

  • Back to School with The Kindness Elves™

    We know that many of you who love our little Kindness Elves™ and everything they stand for are teachers hoping to use them in the classroom this coming year.
    What you may not know is that Anna, The Kindness Elves™ founder and creator is also a primary school teacher and had many years experience working in UK classrooms.
    From this angle, we totally relate to the use of The Kindness Elves™ at school and think they are a perfect resource for PHSE sessions, circle times, positive behaviour management and encouraging empathy between children both in the classroom and out in the playground too.
  • Camp Kindness with The Kindness Elves™

    Roll up, roll up for the kindest project in town!

    The Kindness Elves™ have been busy working on an amazing idea for a Summer of Kindness campaign and it is about to start on July 4th!
    You know those loving little Kindness Elves™ are always thinking up new and lovely ideas! They cordially invite you to join them in Camp Kindness, which will be packed full of brilliant ideas for showing acts of kindness and service throughout the school holidays. What better way to keep kids busy and thinking of others during school break?

    "It's like a summer camp, but even better! It's a Kindness Camp!"

  • The Story of The Kindness Elves™

    It was 2013 that I first came up with the original idea for The Kindness Elves™, a fun family tradition to help promote acts of kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity with children.  Since then the tradition has spread like wild-fire around the world and become so popular, featuring on other blogs, online publications and even appearing on US and Canadian news shows on tv!