12 Days of Christmas Kindness: Day 2

Hello on Day 2 of our 12 Days of Christmas Kindness!
We hope your children or class loved their Kindness Elves and their little note suggesting an act of kindness! 


Thank you for showing us your photos on social media, we have really loved seeing what you're all doing together to make the world a kinder place!

"Let's fill a box for the foodbank"

On day 2 our kindness Elves have suggested that we start to fill a box with food and toiletries to drop off at the local food bank. We are fortunate in that we have one just 5 minutes from our home so it is a place we can take things to easily.


A quick google search of food banks in your local area will let you know where to take your own donations. They often include helpful lists of the most needed items as well as telling you when the cut off date is for distribution.


FYI this is a good act of kindness to do early on as they need time to sort and hand out before Christmas.
Let us know how you are getting on and what you've got planned!

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