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The Kindness Elves™ Accessories Pack - The Imagination Tree Store
The Kindness Elves™ Accessories Pack - The Imagination Tree Store
The Kindness Elves™ Accessories Pack - The Imagination Tree Store

The Kindness Elves™ Accessories Pack

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The Kindness Elves Accessories Kit is packed full of wonderful treasures to help bring the magic of the Kindness Elves to life with your family!

Do you love the idea of the Kindness Elves and want some ideas for using them with your family or class? The Accessories Kit is not only packed full of amazing extra goodies to use with the Kindness elves, it's also a great help for busy parents who also wish to preserve memories too. Let us do the work for you! 

As busy parents ourselves we know that even a lovely idea like using the Kindness Elves each day may seem like an extra job on the to-do list and thinking up new ideas can become hard work. So we have done it all for you!

We have created 50 wonderful Acts of Kindness cards - 40 are ready for you to use with the Kindness Elves each day, as well as another 10 blank ones for you to create your own ideas too. Just find an idea that seems perfect and set the card out ready to find - done! 

Next, how lovely would it be to keep a record of that sweet little kindness act that your children carried out? The most exciting addition to the Accessories Kit is a beautifully produced memory book called the Little Book of Big Kindnesses for doing exactly that! You can either write directly onto the beautifully printed pages or slot a Kindness Elves postcard into a specially created flap.
The postcards are included in the Kit and have beautifully illustrated designs on the front. The Kindness Elves write a tiny postcard thanking the children for their good deed, then leave it for them to discover!
The Little Book of Big Kindnesses will make such a special family keepsake to look back on in future years!
But that's not all! There are also some amazing sheets of Kindness Elves stickers and a teeny bottle of Magic Sprinkles for the children to enjoy playing with too! Also included is a Step-by-Step visual guide for parents with instructions and suggestions to make it even simpler to use and ready to go. Perfect for grandparents, busy parents and school teachers everywhere! Enjoy.

Accessories Pack Contents:

Visual Step-By-Step Guide for Parents about using the Kindness Elves and Accessories
50 Acts of Kindness Cards (including 10 blank for your own ideas)
The Little Book of Big Kindnesses
Mini Postcards for the Kindness Elves to write to the children
8 Sheets of Stickers
Bottle of Magic Sprinkles
(Note: The Kindness Elves are sold separately from this Accessories Pack. You can see them here)

[NOTE: This set is not a toy, and is not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts]

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